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7th Steering Commettee meeting at Murter, Croatia (14th and 15th October 2021)

The building that hosts the meeting in Murter

On 14th and 15th October 2021, SASPAS project’s partners met in Murter (Croatia) on the occasion of the 7th Management Team (MT), Project Office (PO) and Steering Commettee (SC). The Kornati National Park management hosted croatian and italian partners which came from Rijeka (UNIRI), Split (SUNCE), Monfalcone (Monfalcone Municipality), Venice (SELC Soc. Coop.), Trieste (Shoreline Soc. Coop. for Monfalcone Municipality) and Brindisi (Dune Costiere Regional Park). CONISMA and CORILA followed the meeting remotely.

The meeting opened on 14th October with the welcome greeting of Šime Ježina, Kornati NP Director. Then, Dasa Radovič from Monfalcone Municipality (Leading Partner) updated the partners on project’s budget and next steps. Dora Lazzarich from University of Rijeka reported on communication, events, media and digital activities, like the “Be a Posidonia keeper” campaign.

In the second half of the morning, results of marine seagrasses monitoring and restoration have been presented by Agata Kovačev from Kornati NP, Andrea Rismondo from SELC Soc. Coop. and Mariantonietta Pinto from Dune Costiere Park. Moreover, the partners have been updated on the laying and boot of the environmental-friendly anchoring buoy system.

The meeting continued with the points on the integrated management system for seagrasses in Adriatic Sea presented by Saul Ciriaco from Shoreline Soc. Coop./Monfalcone Municipality, who reported on the digital information platform that has been set up for helping in marine phanerogams meadows management.

At the end of the first day, Dora Lazzarich and Marko Filipović (UNIRI) presented the SASPAS film in which some project’s steps and actions has been showed. This film is in the vein of digital communication to the general public to inform and engage people about the need to protect seagrass meadows.

On 15th October, the second day of the meeting, Kornati NP staff organized a boat trip to the Park in which partners had the possibility to enjoy Kornati’s islands and landscape. Finally, partners landed on Levrnaka island for a walk and a break in the exciting frame of the croatian archipelago.

Once the time for farewells has come, the partners agreed to meet again at the end of 2021 and in 2022, the next year.


Municipality of Monfalcone
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